Specific Absorbed Fractions

To display SAFs, first select a model from the left panel, then select a source, target and a particle type.

Specific Absorbed Fractions (SAFs) are calculated from the Monte Carlo simulations. Absorbed doses to targets are converted to SAFs by dividing by the initial particle energy (J) and by the number of simulated particles.

SAFs are uploaded in the OpenDose relational database as a function of the model source and target, the particle type and energy, and the number of simulated particles. The source, target and the particle type are identified with an ID linking them to other database tables with their description (model, name, volume, mass). Every SAF is also associated with an ID that identifies its provenance (provider, code, version, email, date):


This section allows to query SAFs from the OpenDose database and to display them. An interactive chart shows SAFs from the different Monte Carlo codes and their statistical uncertainties. The mean between all Monte Carlo codes is calculated and shown as OpenDose mean. The data displayed on the graph can be easily downloaded in CSV format with a button placed under the chart. A table at the bottom of the page indicates the volume and mass of the selected source and target of the model used to produce the data: