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The data provided by OpenDose is intended for use by the nuclear medicine research community for the purpose of evaluating absorbed doses from diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. It is not intended that this data be used in the clinical management of patients. Through access to this website, the investigator agrees to use the data for educational and research purposes only, and agrees to hold the members of the OpenDose collaboration harmless from liability arising from its use.


This website has been designed and developed by Maxime Chauvin. It is built with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach, where each application (section) is separated into three interconnected elements. The Model handles the data (access to the database, validation), it is independent of the user interface. The View handles the representation of information (chart, table) coming from the model. The Controller deals with the user input, translate it to actions for the Model or View and process the data. All of the Model and Controller are on the server and most View components such as displaying a chart are executed on the client using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax). This transfer of components to the client lighten the workload on the server in anticipation of large simultaneous user requests. The website is developed in HTML5, CSS3, PHP7 and JavaScript5. The use of the open source Bootstrap library ensures that the website is responsive and adapt to every device display (computers, tablets, smartphones). The interactive charts use the open source graphing library Plotly. Access to the OpenDose data is done with PostgreSQL queries. The website is hosted on a Fedora virtual machine with 4 virtual CPUs, 8 GB of RAM and 250 GB of storage.



Special thanks to Yves-Marie Gouesnard for the initial design of the website.

OpenDose acknowledges the support of the following High Performance Computing centers for providing computing resources:

OpenDose acknowledges the support of France Grilles and EGI for providing computing resources and services on the French National Grid Infrastructure and on the EGI Infrastructure.

Some of the data production was achieved using the biomed Virtual Organisation of the EGI infrastructure, with the dedicated support of resource centres BEINJING-LCG2, IN2P3- IRES, OBSPM, INFN-FERRARA, GARR-01-DIR, INFN- CATANIA, INFN-ROMA3, INFN-BARI, CREATIS-INSA- LYON, NCG-INGRID-PT, INFN-PISA, CESNET-MetaCloud and CLOUFIN, resource centres in UK hosted by GridPP collaboration, and the additional support of the resource centres listed here: