... open access resources for radiopharmaceutical dosimetry

The OpenDose collaboration brings together the resources and expertise of research teams involved in nuclear medicine dosimetry [1].

We aim to facilitate the practice of dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine by providing:

You can find information on the project and collaboration from the documentation section:
the project, the collaboration and publications and presentations.

[1] OpenDose: open access resources for nuclear medicine dosimetry. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2020.


13-03-2020 - OpenDose article published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Title: OpenDose: open access resources for nuclear medicine dosimetry.
Authors: Maxime Chauvin, Damian Borys, Francesca Botta, Pawel Bzowski, Jérémie Dabin, Ana M Denis-Bacelar, Aurélie Desbrée, Nadia Falzone, Boon Quand Lee, Andrea Mairiani, Alessandra Malaroda, Gilles Mathieu, Erin McKay, Erick Mora-Ramirez, Andrew P Robinson, David Sarrut, Lara Struelens, Alex Vergara Gil and Manuel Bardiès for the OpenDose collaboration.

23-10-2019 - Presentation of OpenDose @ EURADOS WG6

Manuel Bardiès presented OpenDose at the last EURADOS meeting of the Working Group 6.

14-10-2019 - OpenDose meeting @ EANM'19

The last OpenDose collaboration meeting took place in Barcelona the 14th of October 2019 at the EANM'19 annual congress.

The meeting was the chance to meet with new people and potential collaborators. Several items were discussed including the writing of the first article, the development of the website and the data production. In particular 2 software developments were presented and integrated in the project: one for reference dosimetry and one for personalized dosimetry as a 3DSlicer extension.

Participants: Ernesto Amato, Jean-Noel Badel, Manuel Bardiès, Damian Borys, Francesca Botta, Maxime Chauvin, Naomi Clayton, Marta Cremonesi, Ana Denis-Bacelar, Silvano Gnesin, Antonio Italiano, Gunjan Kayal, Joey Labour, Alessandra Malaroda, Erick Mora-Ramirez, Juan Camilo Ocampo, Andrew Robinson, Federica Scalorbi, Lara Struelens, Jan Taprogge, Alex Vergara Gil, Anne-Laurène Wenger.

04-05-2019 - The OpenDose website is online !

The beta version of the OpenDose website has been released and is accessible at

It gives access to all OpenDose data, and allows to easily display results in interactive charts and download data.